Supporting NSRI Save Lives While You Sleep


Have you seen the pink rescue buoys stationed at beaches around the country? They’re not only a reminder to stay safe when there are no lifeguards around, they also act as emergency flotation devices in an emergency.

These pink buoys have saved 75 lives since 2017. That means 75 loved ones are still with us today, thanks to pink buoys and some quick thinking by-standers.

What will make you more well-rested than a premium, comfort adjustable mattress? Knowing your family is safe on the beach this summer, that’s what.

To help keep your family safe, Dream-On has sponsored 5 pink buoys for #PinkIsForBuoys, a drowning prevention campaign by the NSRI.

Now, paying for a buoy and attaching it to a sign is a bit… boring. Not our style. So, we created some excitement around our donations.

Take our event at Blouberg beach for example. We used our donation as a reason for a beach day. We hosted a beach cleanup to keep our environment and fragile marine life safe while creating awareness about Dream-On and the #PinkIsForBuoys campaign.

Or the pink buoy that ended up at the top of Table Mountain at the Helly Hutchinson reservoir. Have you ever seen a pink buoy scaling Table Mountain?

Well, it happened, and the many curious hikers we met along the way helped spread the word for us.

With our first two events, we’re helping you stay safe from the beaches of Blouberg to the top of Table Mountain. And we’re just getting started.

Now, to pay off that headline…

Picture this: You’re snoozing away on a Sunday afternoon. This is the best nap you’ve had in years. You must have found your perfect mattress. Meanwhile, somewhere on a beach in South Africa, a stranger is rescuing another stranger using the pink buoy that your hard earned money helped sponsor.

As the saying goes, not all heroes wear capes.

Some just sleep really, really well.

Making small changes in our daily lives will eventually save the planet. But the real difference comes when businesses step up and make changes.

When we do that, it gives you the chance to save lives while you sleep. No superpowers necessary.


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